European Traditional Sports and Games Association

30th anniversary of the 1st major European TSG gathering and birth of the network that created AEJeST

by Guy Jaouen in Meetings, Festivales

30 years ago (in 1990) a week of meetings was organized in Brittany which turned out to be historic.

Two major events of these meetings took place at the Ti Ar Gouren Training Center, the other one in Carhaix where an important cultural association was associated to the organization.

This week was made up of three events: Anniversary International meetings of 1990 in Brittany – En

– a one-week international seminar aimed at making the point of the situation on traditional sports and games in Europe,

– an international course of traditional wrestling of Europe,

– an international festival of traditional psorts and games organized on Easter Monday, April 16, 1990 in Carhaix, with the participation of thirty delegations.

This meeting was then at the origin of many political actions by the European Parliament of which you will find attached (PDF) a summary. History of the vote of resolution by the E.P. 02 En

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