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2nd international FESTIVAL of ‘PLJOČKE’, Buzet/Umag – Croatia; 24-26 of March 2017

by Biel Pubill Soler in Meetings

The 2nd international FESTIVAL of ‘PLJOCKE ‘ (Puck or palet), organized by the small federation Istrie pljockarski Savez, IPS, saw the participation of numerous delegations from different countries: Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Montenegro, each of them with several modalities of pucks.

In 2000, another international gathering of games of palet had been organized in Brittany, at Plonéour Lanvern, with dozens modalities of games of palet from several countries. Following this meeting of Buzet / Umag, the creation of an international organization that would gather games of palets has been evoked as well as the organization of other international gatherings.

This international meeting of palets was also the opportunity to receive a Council meeting of AEJeST. This one took place on Friday with an heavy agenda, with 3 main points:

A) Political Action concerning the introduction of TSG in the school programs and project of creation of a TSG Platform by the EU European commission.

B) Preparation of a strategic plan of development for 2017-2021.

C) Signature of a convention with the municpality of La Almunia (South of Saragosse, Spain) to open a new administrative secretariat in this locality, with the association El Fuerte.

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