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European Traditional Sports and Games Association, (ETSGA) comprises sports or cultural federations, associations, educational institutions or companies whose aim is the management, the promotion and the guardianship of traditional sports and games. ETSGA represent hundred thousand players and supporters in Europe.

ETSGA has for objective to encourage and support the development and the practice of traditional sports and games (TSG), as well as the recognition of values contained by TSG in general.

Why choose our association?

  • To support, develop and promote the European network.
  • To work together for the recognition of traditional sports and games, important element of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • To share ideas and projects.
  • To support the setting up of international meetings and conferences.
  • To support study and research and to share them.
  • To support the creation of documents for application in formal and informal education.

Let’s be certain that the future of traditional sports & games is linked with the debate on the intercultural dialogue, the formal and informal education, the right to the diversity, the sustainable development, all themes associated with the future of our societies.

Guy Jaouen



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