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by Biel Pubill Soler in Publicaciones

(IRSiE is the Institute for Sport Development and Education based in Poland, with Dr kazimierz Waluch and Bartosz Probucki, among others).

The interest in original sports, or so-called traditional sports, is constantly growing worldwide. New traditional sport clubs and festivals are being created to preserve and save the traditions of physical activity from oblivion. Traditional sports in many countries were developed consciously and treated as an element of national identity while in other countries, traditional sports have been neglected and even completely forgotten.

For several years, the Institute for the Development of Sport and Education (IRSiE) has been collecting and providing information on traditional sports of different nations around the world, thereby popularizing this extraordinary and non-material part of the human heritage. Initially, these were short articles written in Polish (and published on the IRSiE website), however, it soon turned out that this form of traditional sports promotion  interested people same becoming popular in many places around the world.

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by Biel Pubill Soler in Festivales, Meetings

More than sixty members of the European Association of Traditional Games and Sports have been invited to participate in the annual meeting organized, on this occasion in Aosta, by the Federachon Sport of Nohtra Tera with the collaboration of the Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sports. Fifty people attended, among delegates and companions, who had as their base the Hotel Diana, in Pollein, a municipality near Aosta.

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